20-year-old woman with the virus tells how her lungs ended up like rotten meat

An ordeal, is what a young woman of only 20 years lived, she She was healthy but unfortunately the virus attacked her and tells how her lungs ended up like rotten meat. His condition was so severe that he couldn’t even utter a word, he even had a hard time shaking hands or just blinking to say yes or no.

The fact is, he had to go through surgery for almost 10 hours to surviveTherefore, it was necessary to perform a double lung transplant to save his life, as reported by the doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Although the woman was unconscious, her family gave permission for the operation, and fortunately, the woman gave thanks today, although her name has yet to be revealed, The Sun wrote.

20 year old woman with lungs like rotten meat

It was the doctors and nurses who interviewed the media to declare that the woman was improving

“Many days, she was the sickest patient in our ICU COVID-19, and possibly the entire hospital,” said Dr. Beth Malsin, a pulmonary and critical care specialist.

The fact is that her relatives do not conceive how everything happened, she had ended up as a woman in Chicago to be with her boyfriend and it was very hard to see her connected to a fan and a heart and lung machine, for almost two months, well, it was until on June 5, they performed the surgery.

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Although the damage was severe, according to Dr. Rade Tomic, who is medical director of the hospital’s lung transplant program, her chances are very high and she will soon be fully recovered, which is why she still has a respirator.

“If I did not receive the transplant, I would not be alive,” said Bharat.

When her family was asked if she wanted the surgery, “they were quite firm in talking to [los m├ędicos] that she would want absolutely every chance she could have, “Malsin said.

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