We know that you love Xiaomi, not for nothing is the Chinese giant already the mobile manufacturer that sells the most in Spain, but in its catalog the truth is that there are not only smartphones but a host of products, so we are going to choose some of the More interesting that Xiaomi markets under its Mijia brand, especially in China, but some also from its official store chain in Spain.

And yes, friends, if Youpin is an inexhaustible nursery of interesting ideas in crowdfunding -like the smartwatch with a month of autonomy for only 30 euros-, Xiaomi’s own list of electronic and not-so-electronic gadgets is not far behind. and its sub-brands, which being one of the most prolific catalogs on the market, has to its credit everything from pens to electrical appliances, to toys or clothes, backpacks and sports shoes. That you do not believe it? Well now we show you 7 most interesting Xiaomi Mijia products …!

The Xiaomi catalog and its ‘spin-off’ brands, probably the most nourished and varied in the world

These are the seven most interesting and best-selling Mijia products in recent months … Don’t miss them, whether or not you are Xiaomi fans!

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1. Mijia Mosquito Repellent (Smart)

This is the Mijia Mosquito Repellent, so that nothing bites you!

It is a device that prevents the appearance of mosquitoes and insects using a tablet of repellent components, which are sprayed thanks to a small integrated fan that works with two standard alkaline batteries. It covers rooms of up to 28 square meters, and has autonomy to run up to 90 nights without problems.

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In addition, it is intelligent and has Bluetooth, so it can be synchronized and controlled through the Mi Home app, like all the electronic devices of the Mijia series, and it has a detector that checks the availability of repellent in the tablet and you will allow it to be changed when it is no longer effective. If you are interested, it is yours from just 6.87 euros:

2. Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T100

The toothbrush that will teach you how to brush your teeth, this is the Mijia Electric Toothbrush T100

As an alternative to Xiaomi’s own toothbrush, now comes the most economical Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T100, an electronic toothbrush with a professional cut and high vibration frequency, which will allow you to carry out a complete cleaning of the mouth at the best price.

A soft brush capable of moving at 16,500 revolutions per minute, with 360º cleaning and IPx7 certification that ensures its resistance to liquids, which is logical, with a 30-day battery and reminders to change the brushing method and notify us within 2 minutes of regulation. It only costs 8.67 euros and is already available:

3. Mijia Sneaker 4th

Mijia Sneaker 4th, probably the most attractive Xiaomi sneakers

Xiaomi also manufactures clothing, sports equipment and backpacks, and these Mijia Sneaker 4th are probably its most interesting running shoes due to its Microban antibacterial fabric and its breathable and ultralight design.

These shoes seek maximum elasticity and comfort, they are made in five layers with a one-piece 4D fabric, popcorn type midsole made of PU to absorb shock when running. They cost 35.06 euros:

4. Mijia Washer

Hygiene to power: this is the Mijia Washer automatic soap dispenser

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Another of the most interesting devices that we have found is this electronic soap dispenser, which works with standard alkaline batteries and that will allow us to save soap, also facilitating hand cleaning with maximum hygiene, without the need to touch the device.

A very suitable device these days, which allows the transfer of up to 99.99% of bacteria to be avoided by means of an infrared sensor that detects the presence of our hands, and automatically dispenses a convenient dose of soap. In addition, its very minimalist design Xiaomi does not match in any home, and its price is only 17.17 euros:

5. Mijia Multimode Smart Gateway

The Mijia Multimode Smart Gateway is a discreet control center for the smart home

This is surely the easiest way to set up a smart home, and it is that this control center for connected devices will allow us to unify the management of any domestic gadget, from smart speakers to connected lights or any other electronic device that can connect to the network. My Home or AppleHomeKit.

The gateway is also compatible with Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that nothing escapes you, it is certified and it is very discreet so you can place it anywhere. Its price? Well it costs 18.55 euros:

6. Mijia Quartz Watch

This is the Mijia Quartz Watch, the least intelligent but most elegant watch from Xiaomi

It is surely the least intelligent watch from Xiaomi, but it is that this Mijia Quartz Watch does not want to be intelligent but very elegant, with a timeless design and a case made of 316L stainless steel, in addition to a spherical mineral glass that protects the dial and that it gives a very attractive appearance.

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It weighs only 30 grams, its box is 40 millimeters and it has water resistance up to 3 atmospheres (30 meters), with quartz movement and autonomy of up to 2 years. It costs 33.20 euros, and it can also be yours right now:

7. Mijia Night Light 2

The new Mijia Night Light 2, minimalists and more functional than any

The latest update to Xiaomi night lamps, capable of detecting both light and movement to light up only when you need them most, diligently lighting your way with up to 2800K color temperature and thanks to three fully standard alkaline batteries.

They are independent of their base, to which they are magnetically attached, so even above you can take them wherever you want. They have brightness control control and are fully compatible with the Mi Home app to configure and manage them. The best thing is that they only cost 13.44 euros:

There are many more products in the Xiaomi catalogs, we have already mentioned it to you, so we will call you later because we will continue bringing more lists of gadgets and interesting things in case anyone needs to expand their equipment. What do you think of this selection?

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