Once you start smoking, it is difficult to quit. Therefore, one of the star purposes when starting a new year is to quit smoking, something that many intend, but few achieve. Although there are applications that help you fulfill habits and purposes, in the case of tobacco something more concrete is needed.

We have already verified on numerous occasions that there are apps for all needs, and getting away from tobacco could not be less. If you want to quit smoking permanently, these 7 applications for Android can help you in a key way, being the perfect complement to your firm decision to abandon this harmful habit.

Smoking cessation apps

If you want to quit smoking, these Android apps can help you

Smoking cessation apps: 7 options that will help you

Analyzing the Play Store, we found numerous applications specifically designed to help users quit smoking. To make it easier for you to quit smoking, we have selected 7 apps that can help you significantly through different methods. Let’s get to know them!


Quitting tobacco addiction is easier thanks to apps like Flamy, which supports you on your way to a smoke-free life. For this, it has two different programs depending on how you want to quit smoking: “One less every day”, a slower initiative if you don’t want to do it in a radical way; and “14-day challenge”, with which you can start a quick process, of just two weeks to quit tobacco.

With Flamy you can check how your health improves, how you save money and how you achieve success after success while giving up cigarettes. Also, as a featured feature, it gives you the ability to challenge your friends to see who can last the most without smoking.

Quit smoking app

This tool, which appears in the Google Play Store as “App to quit smoking”, has different functions to help you leave tobacco behind. The first thing you should do after installing it is add information about your consumption habits, such as the number of cigarettes you smoke per day or on what exact date you stopped smoking.

With these data, the app will be able to show you how much money you have saved at any time, the number of cigarettes spent or the goals achieved. In addition, by entering the “Total Health” section, you can check how oxygen levels return to normal, how you recover your taste and smell or how nicotine disappears from your blood, among other aspects of health.

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Easy Quit can also help you out in difficult times when you need to smoke, yes or yes. Enter “Win an Urgency” to access an entertaining matching card matching game that will help you forget how you wanted to smoke.

The app also has functions like “Motivations and Tips”, a section where you can add your own motivational phrases to read in difficult times or use Easy Quit’s own tips to quit smoking. In addition, it also has a diary and a tool that tells you the life time that you are gradually recovering.

Quit Smoking – Assistant

As soon as you start this app, you must enter the details about the date you stopped smoking, along with the number of cigarettes smoked per day, years as a smoker and the price of each pack. With these data, the assistant to stop smoking It will show you different information about your progress on the main screen.

The exact time you have been smoke-free, the money saved, the cigarettes without smoking or the life time recovered are data that can give you a lot of encouragement when it comes to continuing the effort involved in quitting tobacco. On the other hand, in the trophy icon, at the bottom left of the screen, you can see all the goals you are reaching as you quit tobacco.

Another of the key functions is that related to health, accessible through the heart icon that appears at the bottom. If you click there, you can go consulting all the improvements in your health that you are achieving, such as the start of airway relaxation 72 hours after quitting.

If you are convinced to quit smoking – Assistant as an app to try to quit smoking, you should know that it also has game of matching pairs of cards to pass the moments of emergencies, with tips to motivate you when doubts enter you and with a rewards function to see everything you can buy with the money saved.

Stop Tobacco Trainer

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer Exercises Crisis

Stop Tobacco Trainer has a virtual therapist that will help you quit smoking

Some time ago we spoke to you about the advantages of Stop Tobacco Trainer, an app to stop smoking different from the others. It is not just any program, since behind its development are Iteration Mobile, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Fundación Universitaria de Las Palmas.

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With the help of a virtual therapist, You will be able to carry out every day all the indications that the program is showing you until you completely stop smoking. Thus, the first step you must complete is to confirm all the data about your consumption habit so that the program knows how to help you in the best possible way.

Stop Tobacco Trainer is not intended to radically quit tobacco, but to go progressively reducing the number of cigarettes per day attacking both psychological and physical need. If you opt for this app, every day you will have to do 4 tasks: the challenge of the day, reflections and myths, correct, and final review of the day.

By carrying out these tasks constantly, the program will update your evolution and the virtual therapist will propose new objectives. For those more complicated crisis situations, Stop Tobacco Trainer also has various exercises that will help you achieve calm while you quit smoking.

Smoke Free

More than 1 million downloads in the Google application store endorse the work of this program. Smoke Free has a free version and a paid version, which adds some extra functions to the app. If you choose the first one, the first thing you will have to do is add the data about your smoking habits to start the journey towards a smoke-free life.

Like the previous apps, Smoke Free uses that data to show you a counter with your smoke-free time, the money saved, the main improvements in your health, general progress and the latest achievements. By clicking on each of these sections, you will have access to the individual section with expanded information.

At the bottom of the screen there are various icons such as “Diary”, in which you can add your daily sensations, or “Misiones”, which offers you different challenges to gradually give up tobacco. Beware of this last section, which has some missions of the paid version.

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Stop smoking little by little

This app, available on the Google Play Store, requires you to register to allow you to use most of its features. You can do it through various channels, such as Google, email or with your phone, so there are no apparent problems to register except the laziness of having to make a new account.

After doing so, click on “Settings” to add your consumption data and the time limit that you propose to quit tobacco. By entering that information, the app It will show you the plan that you must strictly follow if you want to quit smoking within the date you have set.

After the progress plan, Quitting smoking little by little will confirm how much money you are going to save if you achieve your goal in different time frames: in three months, one year, five years, ten years … Probably, Seeing how much money you are not going to spend on tobacco will give you a boost important to continue the effort.

By sliding the left side menu, you can access different functions of the app, such as statistics, goals or motivations, where you can also add your own phrases of encouragement. If you are meeting the deadlines proposed by the app, you will gradually reduce tobacco consumption and the time will come when you don’t need to smoke one more cigarette.


QuitNow App! for Android

The QuitNow! App have a chat to chat with other users who are quitting smoking

Another Android app that you can use to quit smoking is QuitNow !, a complete tool that you can trust to get it. Like the previous tools, this one shows you the information about the days you have been without smoking, the cigarettes you have not lit and the money you have saved since you started quitting tobacco.

To motivate you, QuitNow! It has a section called Achievements in which you can meet up to 70 challenges related to tobacco. It also has a ex-smokers chat in which you can chat with other users who are in the same complex situation as you. Finally, with QuitNow! you can also meet how your health improves as the days go by without tobacco based on indicators from the World Health Organization.

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