A group of soldiers abused an indigenous girl and Colombia is outraged

The event shocked Colombia and now it is going around the world, at the moment a group of seven soldiers is under investigation, accused of abusing an indigenous girl, the community is outraged, above all, because recently President Iván Duque approved a life sentence for child molesters.

The event took place in the Santa Cecilia district of the municipality of Pueblo Rico, in the department of Risaralda, in Colombia.. It was last Monday, June 22, due to the virality of the case, the General Prosecutor’s Office is giving urgent follow-up, it is known that the minor is from the Embera Chamí people.

Military abuse an indigenous girl

For its part, the military are part of the San Mateo battalion, this organization has already issued a statement in which it disapproves of the act and described it as deplorable. While Carlos Holmes Trujillo, who is the Minister of Defense in the capital of Risaralda, stressed that those responsible deserve a severe sanction.

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Meanwhile, according to El País, the 12-year-old girl was kidnapped last Sunday to later be attacked by an undetermined number of soldiers, who left her at night near a school and when she was found, they quickly took her to a hospital. Despite the fact that seven are named as the culprits, it is known that there were more than 30 soldiers at the time.

The truth is that the act has been identified as one of the most serious and cruel among the armed conflict, it should be noted that the relationship between the military and indigenous people has always been very tense, for which the indigenous people demanded that the abusers be tried from His law.Finally, last week Congress passed life sentences for homicides and child molesters.

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