A realme explodes while charging and the user blames the brand. This on the contrary says that the device was manipulated externally and that someone pierced the rear of the terminal. Who will be right?

The battery of our smartphone is one of the essential elements of this, so taking care of it must be paramount. Although TechVote published a couple of months ago a guide giving 9 keys to take care of the battery, sometimes unforeseeable accidents can happen.

This is the case of this user from India who saw how his realme XT exploded while charging him at night. The truth is that the device was really destroyed and although luckily there was no regret personal injury, the consumer is currently struggling with the Chinese firm. While the user waits for him to actually take over the accident, the Chinese firm alleges that it was all the owner’s fault. Who will be right?

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A battery that explodes: this is the dispute between realme and a consumer

realme battery explodes

The battery of this realme exploded in India. While the user says that everything happened at night, the firm alleges that it was due to a perforation in the back

As we read in 91mobiles, it all started when Roshan Singh acquired a new XT realme, a device that is only sold in India and that has a Qualcomm Snapdrgon 712 processor, 4 GB of RAm, a 6.4-inch screen, a 16-megapixel camera and the protagonist of this story, a 4,000 mAh battery . A fairly inexpensive device.

As soon as he bought it, Roshan left the phone charging it at night with the official charger until a loud sound woke him up. The device battery had exploded, leaving this totally destroyed as you can see in the image.

For his part, Roshan contacted the manufacturer, sending photos of what happened. on the other hand, he alleged simply by looking at the photograph that the device had suffered external manipulation, surely someone would have tried to pierce the back and for that reason the battery had exploded. For all the above, the phone would not come under warranty and it would not really take care of anything.

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Of course Roshan did not stay still and went to social networks to complain. Not only did he show the purchase invoice, claiming that the device had not even been in use for 24 hours, but also criticizing that he had actually reached an unequivocal conclusion just by seeing an image and that no interest had been taken in his case. Faced with such criticism, Realme replied that he would study the case again. although he wanted to leave an official answer regarding what happened.

For us one of the pillars of the brand is the quality of the product. All our smart devices really go through a series of strict quality controls, since customer safety is vital. According to our investigation, we have concluded that the phone was damaged and that the phone battery exploded because the smartphone was pierced from the outside. ”.

We honestly do not know which of the two versions is the true one and if this realme exploded for the sake of it -it would not be the first one, remember the Note 7- or if instead the owner manipulated the device by drilling it in the back. Of course as we always say, we always recommend taking care of the battery, not forcing it excessively and above all not exposing it to high temperatures. Of course, we also do not recommend that you make holes in your phones.

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