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Q&A below for better understanding on BXI acoustic panels

Q: Can this soundproofing panels block noise?
A: Yes, it can block high and mid frequency noise. However, to make a noticeable difference, it’s very important to firstly use acoustic sealant to seal all the cracks and gaps on or between doors/ windows/ walls/ ceilings, then you consider whether to add one more layer of this sound barrier. Because without the sealing step, noise can easily go in through the gaps, which would lead to the failure of room soundproofing. As for bass issues, adding a layer of heavy sound deadening materials like mass loaded vinyl would be helpful.

Q: Are these felt panel board tackable?
A: Pins and tacks can be applied onto these acoustic treatment panels with ease. But it works most effectively when fully exposed in order to best optimize their sound absorbing and echo reduction properties. Cover the various tiny pores on surface may affect its optimum performance.

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Q: Are these flexible as acoustic foam panels?
A: BXI studio panels are stiff panels made of high density polyester fiber, can be trimmed easily and easy to hang.

Q: Where to place these sound treatment panels?
A: On any surface that you suspect could be reflecting sounds. In positions where you most want sound and echo absorbed. Or the room that contains the source of the noise.

Q: How to place the acoustic panel on the wall?
A: Any method below works(PLEASE NOTE: they are sold separately)
Small screw
3M spray adhesive
Adhesive velcro strips
Command picture hanging strips
3M VHB heavy duty mounting double-sided tape

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【IMPROVE SOUND QUALITY】: These durable sound panels are excellent at absorbing sound energy, reducing reverb, echo and mid high frequency noise; Average absorption coefficient: 0.78; NRC(noise reduction coefficient): 0.87
【MULTIPURPOSE】: These sound insulation panels are ideal for sound treatment and decoration on ceiling and wall; Pefect for recording studios, gaming room, home theater, home studio, office, vocal booth, podcast, youtuber and more
【ECO-FRIENDLY】: Odorless, Non-toxic, Formaldehyde-free, Class B1 Flame Retardant, Corrosion Resistant, Anti aging, Safe acoustic tiles for indoor use
【EASY TO INSTALL】: These sound dampening panels are cuttable and easy to mount using 3M spray adhesive or 3M vhb double sided tape(sold separately)

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