Actress Diane Guerrero arrives at Digital Trends Live

Technology plays a fundamental role in people’s daily lives. It helps us to work, to entertain ourselves, to keep in touch with the family and even to cook. That is why it is important to be aware of the news that is presented every day, and see our newsletter Digital Trends Live each week is the best way to do it. Here is a summary of what was seen in today’s episode.

If you are one of the many millions of people who use Facebook, you will be interested to know that Google has removed 25 malicious applications from the Play Store, this after the presence of a malware that hacked Facebook and stole data from your session was discovered. The list of applications included flashlight tools, image editors, videos, pedometers and more. However, they were all the same app.

The highly anticipated and even controversial 5G network is almost a reality in Latin America, and Mexico will be the first country in the region to enjoy this new technology. When? According to a Forbes report, by 2025 Mexico will reach approximately 50 percent 5G coverage, being one of the countries that will adopt this technology the fastest in Latin America.

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What you can enjoy from now on are the new ones stickers animated WhatsApp, and who does not like stickers animated? After many tests, the application has released its first package of stickers official animated, which is already available for you to download; you just have to follow a series of steps to do it.

Do you plan to ask your partner for marriage? How about formalizing the engagement with a Pikachu ring? That is just the proposal that The Pokémon Company has created in conjunction with the Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka. There are two models of rings inspired by the little yellow character, platinum and gold, which you can obviously give your loved one inside a pokeball.

You may remember her as Maritza, one of the prisoners in Orange is the New Black; Her name is Diane Guerrero and she will be in the second segment of Digital Trends Live, chatting with us about the second season of Doom patrol, which is now available on HBO Max.

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How are you doing in the new normal? The lack of confidence continues in various parts of the world, and when they leave, people find themselves with a different panorama than the one they left. That is why Digital Trends in Spanish has created a list with some of the best gadgets They can make the transition easier for you, from hearing aids that disinfect themselves to wearable devices that will accompany you when you wash your hands. Meet them in today’s episode.

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