Adele reappears in nets dressed in faces and with five ciders on top

Adele reappears in nets dressed in faces and with five ciders on top, proving that although she is one of the most famous singers in the world, nothing compares to the joy of being at home, safe and healthy accompanied by loved ones.

In past months, Adele gave a lot to talk about, first because of its sound divorce where he had to spend a large part of his fortune to reach an agreement with his ex-husband and father of his son. Close sources assure that he did it without hesitation, because her freedom and well-being are priceless to her.

Added to that, was the protagonist of a great weight loss that sparked all kinds of comments, from those who wanted to know what diet she did, to those who criticized her for yielding to industry pressure and beauty stereotypes. Adele did not remain silent and assured that she did it for health and for having all the possible years with her son.

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Without a doubt, all this process, in addition to a personal change, meant one thing: material for new songs that would surely add to their great list of hits, but the pandemic has caused a change of plans and now the own Adele is shown in the privacy of his home, enjoying the beautiful through social networks.

Adele, on the façades, with a few glasses on top and very happy

It was this weekend when Adele reappeared in Instagram looking very radiant, after she became a trend for being mistaken for actress Emily Blunt, who recently starred in a photo shoot for a well-known magazine.

Adele not only dazzled, but he did it on facades, without makeup and with a few glasses of cider on top, but looking very happy. As usual, her son did not appear on the scene, as the British singer has sought to maintain her anonymity for safety. Also, Adele He took the opportunity to answer some questions from his followers.

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It was not lacking who interpreted this virtual return as a sign that we would soon have new music, to which Adele He quickly replied that it was not, that it was only an image and that for music one would have to wait for the pandemic, that for now the best thing was to be at home, take care of yourself and in case of going out, use face masks or face masks.

Subsequently, the representative of Adele He attended the rumors, revealing that yes, there was some recorded material but that the album would not come out in a few months, since there was still a lot to work on and that “it will come when it has to come, without haste”.

For now, Adele continues to talk about, not only because of his weight loss or his great talent, but also for his great attitude towards life and this new stage where he will surely conquer the world again with his voice.

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