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You are about to make a decision that will have a major impact in your life. Whether to take an LLM or not will reflect both on your academic background and personal life. Therefore, being properly informed is the least you can do in order to make smart choices.
This book provides prospective LLM students with the most valuable information to maximize their LLM experience, reducing the risk that they learn certain information when it is too late to use it on their own benefit.
This book identifies all relevant topics and provides concise information on each of them. You will gain the most relevant knowledge in the shortest period of time on how to make the best of each minute of your LLM experience, from selecting law schools and drafting applications to searching for a job after graduation.
This book has been written gathering experiences of former LLM students who struggled to get most of the information that is now shared with you.
Being precise and conveying the message briefly has been a special goal of this book since reading takes time and you will need as much time as possible to devote to each stage of your LLM experience. Therefore, the Frequently Asked Questions (also known as FAQs) format was an obvious choice.
Researching all this information on your own from zero is possible but absolutely inefficient. You would waste a lot of time that could be better devoted to improving the drafting of your LLM application, a request for a scholarship or similar relevant tasks.
Enjoy this book at any stage of your LLM experience.

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