Many Known faces from our media landscape have passed confinement out of their usual place of residence. For some reasons or others, they have been caught outside or preferred, days before the state of alarm was decreed, to leave Madrid and go to their second residence. For example, the right-handed Ortega Cano traveled to Chipiona to be calmer in the south and not to be in Madrid, the main focus of Coronavirus infections in Spain.

Alba Díaz has been all confinement in Seville together with her father, The Cordovan. The two have a magnificent relationship and proof of this are the photographs both upload to their social networks reflecting the great affection and union they have. Vicky Martín Berrocal also has a very good relationship with his ex-husband, father of his daughter, and it is that the two have been the clear example to follow for Alba, showing at all times that love is above everything.

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Summer summer?

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Now, Alba Díaz has returned to the capital and has been seen in a well-known Madrid restaurant With her friends. All together enjoyed a dinner that will surely be unforgettable. After almost three without seeing each other, the group has met again and they have caught up on each other, telling all kinds of confidences.

Very friendly and smiling, Alba Díaz has confessed to us that she is: “Very good”. The truth is that it is not for less, since we have followed his social networks day by day and we have seen that he has not stopped a single day of doing activities with his father. Vicky Martín Berrocal, her mother and friend, has returned with her to the capital to continue with her work projects. Let’s not forget that the designer has done solidarity work to help all those professionals who have faced the coronavirus by weaving robes, in their workshops, special for this virus.



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