The Nether Update is finally available: try all the Minecraft news.

It has taken time, but finally it is here: the call “Nether UpdateHas finally landed on Minecraft, to become one of the most important updates in the history of the most famous exploration and construction game on the planet, and it comes loaded with news to all the platforms on which the title is available, including Android and iOS.

This new update introduces a whole new world, with their own biomes, mobs and special blocks. In it, players will have the opportunity to get “Netherite”, the strongest and most durable material that has ever been through Minecraft, although a new type of enemies, called “Piglins ”They will not make it easy for you.

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Minecraft Nether Update

Minecraft Nether Update is available on all platforms

All the changes that come to Minecraft with the “Nether Update”

Under a huge list of changes published by Mojang, all the news of the Nether Update that Minecraft players can start enjoying today are hidden. As expected, the most important part of this version is the arrival of the new underworld that players can start exploring to discover new biomes, creatures, blocks, and minerals.

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In order to access the underworld, it will be necessary complete the main world portals. It is worth noting that this world is slightly different depending on the version of the game that is being used, and that not all the novelties of the desktop and console edition will be present in the mobile version.

In addition to new enemies and Netherite gear, the update also introduces a new block, the so-called “Target Block”. This guy was announced during the Minecon Live 2019 event, and has been introduced to the game with version 1.16. Is about a new kind of Redstone “switch” which can be operated remotely by simply throwing an object at it. Depending on how close the projectile has been launched to the center of the target, we will obtain a greater or lesser amount of energy.

As for the new biomes present in this underworld, we find the so-called Crimson Forest, Deformed Forest, Valley of Souls and Basalt Deltas.

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Beyond all that, Minecraft Nether Update also brings with it a new downloadable free map, “Way of The Nether”. In it, you will have to venture into the underworld to find the mayor of Poppy Isle, who disappeared after the appearance of an interdimensional crack that unites the world of Minecraft with the Nether.

The “Nether Update” comes to Minecraft under the game version 1.16, available both on PlayStation, Xbox, PC or macOS and Nintendo Switch, as on iOS and Android. Users of the Google operating system can now download the update through the Play Store. If you do not have the game yet, remember that there is a free trial mode where you can try the experience of one of the most popular games in the world without paying anything.

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