Ana Bárbara in mourning, cries and moves in networks

More than half a year after the pandemic began worldwide and more than three months after it reached Mexico, the number of victims who have died from this cause has been devastating. Unfortunately, a relative of Ana Barbara is part of these figures, and she is in mourning, cries and moves in networks.

It was through her Instagram account that the Mexican singer, Ana Barbara broke the bad news, which he recently learned about, and who acknowledged that caused him great pain, especially due to the sensitive moment in which the world population lives.

“Unfortunately today, and I am very sorry, an hour ago I found out about an uncle who is the husband of a cousin of my mother, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, lost the battle against the coronavirus,” he announced.

Given that, and in a moment of reflection that this difficult news brought him, Ana Barbara asked all his fans and those who came to hear his message, take extreme care to avoid living what your family is experiencing right now, for the death of his uncle.

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“The truth is that the number of victims that is charging all this is regrettable, and in that sense I wanted to tell you that it is very important that we do not trust ourselves, that is, suddenly it has happened to me that I say: ‘Well, I’m going to remove the mask, I’m tired, I’m tired ‘, let’s not do it, and if we can be in the house most of the time, and if we have to go out, well, come back and take care of everything ”asked the interpreter.

And, this has not been the only difficult situation that Ana Bárbara has gone through in recent weeks, well, remember that she recently suffered a small injury that led her to tears, although, as she herself said, she always treats to get the positive out of things, and thank for being alive.

“They already know me and they know that, despite the regrets, I will always try to find the best face of life, the best angle, although sometimes it takes a lot of work,” he said.

That is why, despite the health contingency, and the confinement that most of the population lives because of the coronavirus, has tried to take it as positive as possible, making the most of their children, and doing hilarious crazy things to have a good time with the family, and at the same time, entertain their followers, and boy, did he succeed!

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Some of these videos are directly on his Instagram, or on his account TikTok, where she has proven to be an expert in the social network with her occurrences, alongside her greatest accomplices, her children.

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