Ana Obregón She has suffered a new and very hard setback, as she herself has confessed on her social networks. Just three weeks after the death of his son AlesYes, now it’s your turn to say goodbye to your doggy Luna, her “best friend” in the words of the actress herself.

Ana Obregón has publicly said goodbye to her son’s most faithful companion, ensuring that your pet has died of grief after the young man’s departure on May 13 when waiting for him at home and seeing that he did not return.

“When you were 13 years old, you gave me a birthday for my birthday in which you wrote: Luna, Aless and mom. We were a family full of love. Always together the three. Lunita waited several months for you to come home but you never did. I know he’s gone from grief, so I can be with you. I know that now you will be together running through eternity “, Ana has published on her Instagram account, showing the affection that her Golden Retriever felt for Aless.

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With a beautiful photo of the three of them when Luna came to the family 16 years ago and another of Aless with her dog last year, Ana Obregón ended her letter confessing that she asks “every night that very soon I can be with you and return to be the family that we were forever. I do not know how to say it. Down here I feel like an orphan of my son and my best friend. I miss you infinitely less. ”

Many well-known faces have wanted to show their support for Ana Obregón with affectionate comments, showing that they are very aware of the presenter in these hard times. “The love of animals to their owners has no end. I am very sorry, Ana, much encouragement,” he wrote. Maria Zurita, while Marta Sánchez He has published: “Anita, my love: Alex liked to see you well … courage love … !!! I love you very much.”

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Teresa Bueyes, Susana Uribarri, Arantxa de Benito and Colate Vallejo-Nájera, in addition to their nephews Celia Vega Penichet and Javier García Obregón, have tried to encourage the biologist with words of encouragement or a simple heart smiley.



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