Angela Aguilar: No makeup, soggy hair and slim white pants

The young woman of the Aguilar dynasty: Angela Aguilar has become a fashion icon in Mexico, Because at his young age, he shows his great talent and elegance to stand out in colorful outfits that only make his figure stand out, in addition to never neglecting his roots.

On this occasion, Angela Aguilar shown on social networks freshly bathed, without makeup and with completely soaked hair. So he mentions in his Instagram stories that his bangs are too long. It should be remembered that the young woman during this quarantine has undergone several image changes.

Of having her classic dark short hair, the young Angela Aguilar She has shown that she is not afraid to play with her hair as well as her outfits. From what we saw change her mane with fringe to dye it green to pink.

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For the moment, the young woman has returned to her natural tone, retaining her fringe. As we are used to, the singer Angela He has decided to vary the outfits that he always shows us on his social networks, with some shot pants, tops and boots for something more casual.

Now, the singer has opted for an animal print blouse with long, tight and white pants. Unlike other pants we have seen on the singer, these have a wider cut at the bottom as flared.

With nails decorated in pink and shiny stones, the young woman teaches us that she will spend her afternoon reading and in the company of her beloved pets. In addition to delighting us with his great musical taste.

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