Angélica Vale the real reason why her children do not speak Spanish

Angélica Vale the real reason why her children do not speak Spanish, The renowned actress and comedian has been more active on social networks, sharing videos with her famous mother. Angelica maria.

His fans do not miss his videos broadcast by Youtube, Where next to his famous mother he shares tips ranging from cooking to flirting tips, these celebrities undoubtedly know the key to captivating their followers.

In these videos we can see his beautiful children, who do not speak as much in Spanish, which is causing intrigue among his fans and a few days ago Angelica Vale responds to such network users.

That’s right, in some videos Angelica Vale answers some questions from his fans, and it was Angélica María who clarified that her granddaughter is ashamed to speak in Spanish, in the same video we can see Angelica Masiel 7 years appear in the box.

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We share one of the videos where these celebrities share a bit of their daily lives with their fans and clarify the real reason why their children Angelica Vale they do not speak Spanish.

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