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Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator Pack of 8 Anti Snoring Nose Vents by Mobi Lock BeautyBreathing Relief Nasal Dilator Pack of 8 Anti Snoring Nose Vents by Mobi Lock Beauty

Why Do You Snore?

Not being able to breathe through the nose properly is a likely culprit for loud whistling, or snorting noises. This can be a result of allergies, a cold or other obstruction in the nasal passage. Another cause is that when you can’t get enough oxygen through your nose you may switch to mouth breathing, this causes the palate tissue to vibrate which leads to those loud snoring noises.

How Can You Stop Snoring?

To stop snoring you need to focus on the root cause. Narrowed nasal airways and vibrating palate can be prevented with the anti-snore nasal dilator. Gently place the vents inside the nostrils to immediately improve the flow of air through your nose. The device will gently widen the nostrils to ensure free breathing the whole night through.

snoring solution nasal dilator mutesnoring solution nasal dilator mute

Improves Your Health and Well-being

This seemingly simple device can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Without the usual sound effects of snorting and snoring noises, both you and your partner can enjoy a deep, undisturbed sleep.

Wake up refreshed and energized ready to take on a new day!

snore vent solutions device mensnore vent solutions device men

anti snore women stopperanti snore women stopper

nose external dilators aid sleep kitnose external dilators aid sleep kit

medical vents snore stoppingmedical vents snore stopping

Increased nasal breathing performance.

Increased muscle oxygenation.

Decreased respiratory effort.

Reduced palate tissue vibration.

nasal dilators for snoringnasal dilators for snoring

Superior Fit

If you were worried about placing something up your nose, we totally understand. Mobi Lock Beauty nasal vents are made with medical grade silicone to ensure total comfort.

The nose dilators come in two shapes – a cone and dowel shape that cater to a secure fit no matter what shape your nostrils are.

The variety of sizes allow for more air to flow through your nasal respiratory tract and will stay in place the whole night.

anti snoring devices for womenanti snoring devices for women

anti snoring devices for menanti snoring devices for men

snoring solution anti snoringsnoring solution anti snoring

Scientifically Proven

A scientific study comparing different anti snoring products show that – “external nasal strips and dilator clips effectively relieve obstruction of the internal nasal valve and may be an alternative to surgical intervention in some patients”

(Source JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, 2016;)

Sound Slumber Solutions

For mouth snorers, who tend to sleep with their mouth open and jaw relaxed, the nasal vents will NOT work.

The same goes for people who snore since their tongue drops to the back of their mouth, obstructing airways. You may need to look for another solution.

Chin guards, oral shields, or a mandibular advancement device can help improve those loud snoring noises for throat or mouth snorers.

What You Get

You will receive a pack of 8 nasal vents anatomically designed to fit different shape and sized nostrils, PLUS an e-book with expert sleeping tips.

Men and women can find a perfect fit for their nose in this multipack. We have also included a carry box, so you can store your nasal dilators in a clean, hygienic place.

Replace your nose vents every 3 months.

💤COMFORTABLE SECURE FIT – It may feel slightly weird to place a snore stopper device in your nose, but Mobi Lock Beauty takes your comfort seriously. Our snoring silicone nasal dilator is soft, to not cause irritation or catch on any nose hairs. The nose vents gently widen the nostrils, ensuring that there is less airway resistance in the nasal passage.
💤PACK OF 8 MULTIPLE SIZES – The nose breathing aid comes in sizes: XL, Large, Medium, and Small. Store and carry them in the FREE box. Our anti snore aids come in a dowel and cone shape, anatomically designed to fit the shape of your nostril. This innovative system ensures a secure fit that won’t fall out in the night.
💤FREE E-BOOK TO IMPROVE YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP – As a nasal snorer, you may often suffer from a dry mouth, bad breath or even headaches. We can help to make those symptoms disappear. Our nasal passage dilator starter set comes with an e-book with expert sleeping tips on how to avoid snoring and feel more rested when you wake u
💤90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – There are many solutions for snoring, so it’s important to figure out what type of snorer you are. These vents improve nasal respiration for people with narrow or restricted nostrils. If you have any issues with your 8 pack nasal dilators we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 90-day FULL REFUND!

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