Apple’s WWDC20 has already taken place, event in which the company has presented us iOS 14 —Which you can now download and install on your iPhone— and in which the company has also shown us some other novelties at the software level.

And one of the most interesting news we have seen is a new function for Apple Watch that would come in the form of an application, and that It would detect if you are washing your hands to measure the time and warn you when to stop to ensure a good cleaning, and although there are similar things in other smartwatches, we have never seen anything like it.

Apple Watch wash hands

The new update of the Apple Watch will detect if we are washing our hands

Apple Watch will notify you of when you should wash your hands

Apple has shown a new application for Apple Watch that It will detect when you are washing your hands to start a 20 second countdown, which is the minimum that you have to be doing so that they are very clean. This detection, in case you were wondering, is carried out through the microphone and the movement sensor to know when this handwashing is taking place, so you don’t have to worry about activating the application or anything like that. , he machine learning will take care of everything.

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In addition to this, if at any time stop washing your hands, The Apple Watch will also detect it, and it will make the countdown pause, and it will resume when it detects that you are washing them, so there will be no trap or cardboard with this, you will have to wash them during those 20 seconds at full.

This handwashing app will sync with Apple’s health app so that you can see how often you wash your hands, And be aware of it, which we also find most interesting, since in this way, the Apple Watch will also be able to notify you when you arrive at your house so that you can wash your hands.

This is something that we have not seen in other smartwatches, since, despite the fact that, for example, Samsung has a similar application in Spanish, called HandWash, with which we can also count the times we wash our hands, as well as the time we must be doing it but The big difference is that it doesn’t do it automatically, and that’s where Apple takes advantage.

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With the appearance of the coronavirus and its subsequent extension around the globe, we have had to put More emphasis on personal hygiene, and anything that helps us achieve this, is welcome. Technology is designed to make life easier for us, and it is precisely what Apple has decided to do with this new application, and both this and the alternatives in other smartwatches, seem like a great idea, although it is undeniable that Apple has taken the jackpot.

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