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Derby USADerby USA

Derby in the World

“Derby is encouraging more and more males to be well-shaved and well-groomed by providing easier and smoother shaving experience as well as fair prices.

Derby World Today

Derby’s strength that is also reflected to the prices comes from the continuous production since 1940, 45 years of experience in razor blade production, world standard blade technology and production processes, being the only razor blade producer brand in Turkey, global experience in 5 continents, high performance and quality, wide range of products and fair prices, and is moving this strength to a global level from Turkey. This approach is well perceived by the consumers as well. Derby as one of the leading razor blade brands, preferred by the consumers who are willing to have smooth close shave with fairly priced products, is rising.


SPECIALIZED:- Made of Chromium-Ceramic- Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer Coated Stainless Steel Best for Barbers Shavings and for barber Shops

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ERGONOMIC : Suitable for all cut throat / Shavette Type Razors Including shaving factory, Dovo, Focus, and parker.

These Single Edges Blades Perfect for barber Razors and Exchange able ,Sliding Barber Razors,

Derby Premium Single Edge Blades, Made of Swedish Steel

VERSATILE : Only when high-quality materials, stylish and effective functionality are perfectly combbind in a single product, Says Derby Mean Professional Maximum Quality, Our Passion is To give everyday object of the male everyday upgraded, And not to the next possible ,But the highest possible level, A good Razor Blades is sharp and beautiful, Consistently well product for consistently man!

CONVENIENCE:- You Don’t Need to Split Double Edge Razor Blades any More, These Blades are Perfectly design for Barbers razors for Wet Shaving and Perfect Single Edge Blades


All Derby Razor Blades are Manufactured from stainless razor blade steel strip from Sweden.

All Derby Razor Blades are perforated, hardened and ground by utilizing most advanced equipment.

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All Derby Razor Blades cutting edges are deposited with CHROMIUM- CERAMIC, TUNGSTEN AND PLATINUM by advanced Spluttering Equipment for optimum EDGE STRENGHT thus longer shaving life.

All Derby Razor Blades coated with a polymer for optimum SHAVING COMFORT.

From beginning to end, all Derby Razor Blades are subjected to severe Quality Control Inspection at every stage of manufacturing process by utilization of unique quality control equipment.

All Derby Razor Production is granted with TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.

For all Derby Premium Blades in this listing.


Derby Premium Blades

Made of Swedish SteelHighest quality blades made to fit different double edge safety razorsEach blade is individually wax paper wrapped

Derby Premium BladesDerby Premium Blades

Highest quality blades made to fit different double edge safety razors
100 blades come in this package (5ct 20 dispensers)


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