Astronomers found the center of the Solar System

Since we were little we used to believe that the nerve point of our Solar System is right in that interior point of the Sun that is more aligned to the center of it.

However, recent astronomical studies show that this conception is somewhat removed from reality.

To achieve new measurements, astronomers gathered in the Nanohertz Observatory of Gravitational Waves of North America (NANOGrav), have begun to locate pulsars to search for low-frequency gravitational waves, since as ScienceAlert stated, “these dead stars can rotate extremely fast, on millisecond time scales, shooting rays of electromagnetic radiation from their poles. If perfectly oriented, these rays blink past Earth like a very fast cosmic beacon, creating a pulsed signal that is extremely regular. ”

Therefore, pulsars could be the perfect guides to achieve these measurements. But how then is the center of the Solar System determined?

“Using the pulsars we observe in the Milky Way galaxy, we are trying to be like a spider sitting in stillness in the middle of its web.” explained astronomer and physicist Stephen Taylor from Vanderbilt University and the NANOGrav collaboration.

This group of astronomers used software called BayesEphem, which is designed to model and correct those uncertainties in the orbits of the Solar System that are most relevant to searching for gravitational waves using pulsars.

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In this way, it can be determined that the center of the Solar System is not right in the middle of the Sun, but somewhere closer to its surface, just outside it.

“Our precise observation of pulsars scattered across the galaxy has located us in the cosmos better than ever.” Taylor said. By finding gravitational waves in this way, in addition to other experiments, we get a more holistic view of all the different types of black holes In the universe”.

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