At 12 she started her fame, when she turned 15 she was already a millionaire and at 18 she dies in a tragic accident

Sad news for the community of influencers, because the young Russian Anastasia Tropitsel dies in a tragic accident, at 12 she started her fame by posting on social networks, her success was so much that when she turned 15 she was already a millionaire. The unfortunate event took place in Bali, Indonesia.

According to international media, the young woman was on board a motorcycle when she unexpectedly lost control and ended up crashing into a wall. In fact, he was recording for his followers, about his days in Indonesia, so the scenes of the heartbreaking event were recorded and today the news is viral.

Russian influencer dies at 18

The truth is Anastasia Tropitsel, He was on the island because he wanted to celebrate his 18 in the beautiful place. Apparently the young woman suffered head injuries that took her life away. On the other hand, her boyfriend Viktor Maydanovich, who is 30 years old was with her, he related how he saw that the girl lost control, according to The Sun.

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Meanwhile, the Russian influencer was an inspiration with his more than a million followers, always motivating them to follow their dreams no matter what happens, setting an example of their perseverance and the way in which they managed to have an account full of zeros at 15 .

“I inspire you to do what you can’t.

“I grow your wings and send you to work as a freelancer,” he wrote at the time.

Meanwhile, the young woman had just bought her Kawasaki Ninja 150 motorcycle, just after having a strong discussion with her medical father, who told her to get to work and study well. She at the time accused him of betraying her.

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Finally, her boyfriend is devastated, he wrote:

“My beloved girl is not with us.

“Please, my friends, say your last goodbye with your good thoughts and meditations. It is very important.

“She always rode with great security and precision.

“Then his bike started to wobble.”

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