Avocado, banana and egg mask to quickly rejuvenate

Have you heard of the avocado, banana and egg mask to quickly rejuvenate? Is a Home remedy very useful for skin care thanks to all the natural nutrients in its ingredients.

As you know the aging It is a natural process of our skin that arises over the years, the skin wears out, wrinkle, stains, dries and loses firmness. The good news is that you can take better care of your beauty and this mask it is part of it.

The beauty tips for el care of our skin they never hurt and just as we have talked about rejuvenating fruit juices and other masks, we cannot forget the importance of a good diet, hydration and above all, a good rest, that is, sleeping the hours that correspond to your age.

Now why use these ingredients?

Avocado alone is a great ally of the skin, illuminates it thanks to its properties to deeply moisturize it, helps to eliminate dead cells and unifies facial texture. It is rich in vitamin E, so it is a great antioxidant that fights all the radicals that cause aging and revitalizes your cells, even prevents acne and other impurities.

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The banana It is rich in vitamins such as C, B12, E and A as well as various minerals, prevents acne, fights impurities, helps you produce more collagen so that your skin regenerates, even moisturizes it, softens it and reduces irritations.

The egg it is rich in nutrients for the skin and hair. The white has so many proteins that it provides elasticity, reduces open pores, it will work as a kind of natural Botox.

Avocado, banana and egg mask to rejuvenate quickly.

Well, how to prepare the avocado, banana and egg mask to rejuvenate quickly?

To test this beauty home remedy all you need is a few minutes to prepare and of course, follow this recipe to the letter to forget about aging For a good time:


  • ½ ripe avocado
  • ½ banana
  • 1 egg white


The first thing will be to place the avocado in a bowl and mash it. Once well crushed add the banana and crush while stirring. In another small bowl beat the egg whites, then mix them with the avocado and banana mixture.

Make sure you have your face clean or wash it before applying the homemade mask to quickly rejuvenate, You can place it on the face, neck and neckline, because sometimes that area of ​​wrinkle from exposure to the sun. Let the mask work for 25 minutes and finally remove with warm water. The best thing will be to use this mask two or three times a week, your skin will be different.

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