Baby names inspired by astronomy and the universe

Expecting a child is a process of immense happiness that involves planning how your life will be, from the birth of that little person who will become the most precious and dear to you. Choosing a name for that baby is difficult, since moms usually want the most special and beautiful one. Therefore, we present you some beautiful options that you will not be able to resist. These baby names inspired by astronomy and the universe, you will love them.

The universe, the planets and other stars, the energies that we will absorb largely govern and that will determine different features of our personality. That is why, they can become an excellent option to choose the name of a baby.

Names for babies

On this occasion, we present some of them, ideal for girls, inspired by some stars, and various astral phenomena with which we have daily contact, and which represent an important part of our lives, besides sounding beautiful.

  • Moon

Short and beautiful. This natural satellite that illuminates all our nights, and that shines in a romantic and special way day after day.

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  • dawn

It means dawn or Goddess of the Dawn.

  • Diana

Of Latin origin, it means divine.

  • Zora

Of Slavic origin, it means dawn.

  • Star

This beautiful name of Latin origin has a special meaning: it shines with its own light in the sky.

Baby names inspired by astronomy and the universe. PHOTO: PEXELS

  • Soraya

This cute name is of Persian origin, and means star, which, in turn, has the beautiful meaning that we gave you in the previous option.

  • Light blue

This beautiful name for girl is of Latin origin, and means: it belongs to heaven. Without a doubt a beautiful option.

  • Leila

Without a doubt an excellent option. It is of Arab origin, and means born at night.

  • Adhara

This name is of Arab origin, and has a very special meaning: it means Virgins.

  • Talitha

It is a name of Aramaic origin that means little girl.

  • Meissa

This particular and original name is of Arabic origin, and means brilliant.

Baby names inspired by astronomy and the universe. PHOTO: PEXELS

  • Henna

It is of Arab origin and means the brand of the camel.

  • Alya

It also has an Arabic origin, and means the snake.

  • Eirena

Its origin is Greek, and its meaning is that which is very beautiful and brings peace. Definitely an excellent option.

Baby names inspired by astronomy and the universe. PHOTO: PEXELS

  • Lesath

This name is of Arabic origin, and means sting.

Strength, beauty, mystical, greatness; without a doubt, these names emanate an impressive force, unique to the universe, and are perfect to accompany someone for life. They can be excellent options for your beautiful princess, as they are cute and have great meaning.

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