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be mindful’s “moby” is an adorable, ergonomic and comfortable way to teach your child how to take the next step in his or her personal growth and development. Potty Training is such an important part of growing up for a young child! It means more independence, greater agility, high control both mentally and physically. Potty training encourages communication between child and parent. And lets face it, the results of well executed potty training helps you as a parent relax, as your child becomes more independent and dirties fewer clothes and diapers!

MOBY HAS A REMOVABLE BOWL – the bowl is a high gloss finish which naturally repels liquids and solids and is overall easy to clean. The bowl is specifically designed to fit under most sink spouts and will make life easy for super-mom as the cleaning process (for most uses) is a simple swish and swirl with quick dry! LOVE it’s look? You’ll LOVE how easy it makes life when it comes to cleaning up!
ERGONOMIC FOR BOTH CLEANLINESS AND COMFORT – Moby’s unique shape keeps contents in while in the act and then also makes it easy to swish and swirl away the contents. Moby is also a manageable size for most toddlers to clean-up after themselves!
3 UNIQUE COLORS – we tested several shades over several months and we’ve developed the best, softest and most enriching colors for Moby. You’ll love the soft pastels against your modern, updated bathroom and your toddler will love how inviting it is to use!
MADE FOR SUPER-MOM’s (AND DAD’s) BY TWO CALIFORNIA DAD’S – Be Mindful is a California based brand of kids and parent tools, toys and product that help parents to keep kids engaged as they go through developmental milestones. Potty Training is one of your toddlers BIGGEST steps toward independence we can’t wait to be a part of that process with you. IF YOU AREN’T SATISFIED WITH YOUR BE MINDFUL PRODUCT, WE OFFER 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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