Barbara de Regil praises Belinda in networks and users destroy her with criticism

The actress Barbara de Regil does not rest from users on social networks, because this time, it causes controversy again when commenting on a photo of the singer Belinda on networks, causing users to criticize and mock Barbara de Regil. “You do like her because she’s güera.”

On this occasion, Barbara de Regil reacted to a post by the singer Belinda with a compliment, however, this time, users on social networks They did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the actress from Rosario Tijeras, with malicious comments.

The photo that generated controversy on social networks was where she appears in a black dress and a crown that she used for the TV Azteca “La Voz” program. “Wow (plus an emoji)”. Commented Barbara de Regil in the photo of the singer and coach of La Voz Belinda.

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This reaction was enough for users on social networks to remind the actress of her comment for being racist, weeks ago, when she became a trend on social networks. Some comments were in the form of criticism and others in a more mocking and sarcastic tone.

Barbara de Regil nothing but me Beli If he eats tacos, and it’s super simple, and he doesn’t think he’s a life coach, learn something from him. ” “If you like it because it is blonde” “Well yes, since it is not black”. “And no, how tight, not that ugly”. And several comments of this type, were the responses for the actress Barbara de Regil.

While other users reminded him of Barbara that he should leave the networks and they even reminded him that he mentioned that he would stay away from the networks (only Twitter). What Barbara replied to users and followers of Belinda stop criticizing her.

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