Belinda poses as God brought her into the world and ignites the networks

Belinda poses as God brought her into the world and ignites the networks, also debuts haircut and his followers in Instagram they insist that it seems handmade by angels. Not only that, but she did it surrounded by luxuries like an expensive necklace Chanel.

These weeks Belinda He has resumed activity on social networks after a quarantine where he protected himself after suspending functions in the musical work “Today I can’t get up” where he shared the starring role with Yahir.

With the premiere of the new season of “La Voz”, where Belinda He has returned to occupy one of the chairs of the judges next to Ricardo Montaner, María José and Cristian Nodal, his styles have set trends, since once again Belinda has demonstrated her refined taste for fashion international, a passion that goes hand in hand with its beauty.

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While, Belinda I had already surprised with quite daring and even flirty styles, posing in lingerie, today breaks all the schemes in social networks posing with nothing but fabrics and a pink feather boa, in addition to chanel necklace and a new haircut.

Belinda and the image that overshadowed her new haircut

With the description “Bangs”, Belinda She showed the world her new hair style, blonde and with a toupee, but although she intended it to be the main thing, appearing as God brought her to the world completely overshadowed the new cut and brought her eyes to her curves and the clearness of her eyes.

Comments on the image of Belinda they did not wait, many compared him to Tinker Bell, Others praised her beauty and others assured that Belinda was undoubtedly a princess made by hand by angels, because only in this way was her apparent perfection justified.

Belinda poses as God brought her into the world and ignites the networks. Instagram Special

Today in the next few hours the new style of Belinda, but it will be very difficult to remember after these photographs where he almost taught it all.

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