Belinda screams her love for Pokémon to the world and breaks the internet

Belinda screams her love for Pokémon to the world and breaks the internet, after being recognized as one of the celebrities Most talented and beautiful in the Latin show, he surprises with his taste for pocket monsters that have gained international fame in recent years.

This week Belinda shone in the new season of “Mexico’s voice“He surprised with his impeccable style of fashion while doing his work as a judge. And it is that for a long time, Belinda we have become accustomed to seeing him as an image of successful, strong, intelligent woman And while he must have had some relaxed tastes, we didn’t imagine something like this.

After a sheltered quarantine, with several professional projects on hiatus such as his participation in the great musical work of “Today I can not get up“And with a family loss, Belinda She returns to her work activities showing the great professionalism that has characterized her and wearing the last cry of the fashion.

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But not everything can be work and Belinda he knows it, that’s why today he confirmed his love for these characters who have touched thousands of children, youth and adults around the world in social networks.

Belinda and her love for Pokémon

In addition to the images that Belinda usually share in Instagram with which he inspires his followers to look impeccable from head to toe and also spreads new projects, there is also his account of Twitter, a space where he usually makes important revelations and when possible, respond to the concerns of his followers.

Today, Belinda shared an image of Jigglypuff, the singing pokémon. Later, he wrote that he loved Pokemon, with which he unleashed all kinds of comments, because his followers quickly began to make recommendations to him on the subject, the games, the dynamics and questioned him about other series of Japanese origin that interested him.

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One of his followers suggested him to use the application “Pokémon GO”, application for mobile devices with which users can “hunt pokemon in the real world”. What Belinda He indicated that he already had it and that he now expected New Pokémon Snap.

Among the comments abounded proposals to play together, drawings by Belinda as a trainer Pokemon and even requests to sing the musical themes of the saga, but finally Belinda focused on promoting the new chapters of “The voice…”.

Belinda She is not the only celebrity who has expressed her love for the Japanese series. Previously Angelique Boyer also spoke of his love for Dragon ball and sailor Moon, causing a stir among his followers.

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