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Bill Gates, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, on multiple occasions, has spoken about the international fight that is taking place against the new coronavirus, and the current panorama, in his opinion, looks bleak.

The fact that people continue to die in the United States – from COVID-19 – shows that the country “is not even close” to doing enough to combat the pandemic, Gates said in an interview for CNN.

bill gates
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“Several countries did extremely well in this case and the technology continues to improve there. The United States has not had the leadership or coordination messages that would be expected, ”he added.

The increase in numbers, according to Gates, is due to a lack of testing and contact tracing, as well as poor use of face masks.

According to information from Johns Hopkins University, to this day, there are at least 2.4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 125,000 deaths related to the disease in the United States.

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For Gates, it is also troubling that people are conservative in their actions and the large number of citizens who are ignoring the disease in the nation. “Some almost feel that it all comes down to a political issue, which is unfortunate,” he said.

In counterpart, he said he remains hopeful that the country will “step up” and assist in the development of tools against the new coronavirus, especially the vaccine, which is expected to be ready in late 2020 or early next year.

Last February, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation allocated $ 100 million to help find a new vaccine against the new coronavirus, limit its spread, and improve detection and treatment of patients.

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