Blackberry, the hair dye that is fashionable and will make you look younger

And you, did you already turn on the button for a rough change? Oh my God! We are in the middle of 2020 and here he uses everything, the key is to lose his fear of color, how about blackberry? This is the hair dye that is in fashion and will make you look younger, seriously you will not regret it.

The time has come to add a more intense shade to your hair, especially bold And, do not fear that if it will fit you or not, because it is perfect for all skin types; the combination of dark black tresses will mark your features and make you look slimmer, while saying goodbye to a few years.

Blackberry hair dye that is fashionable

Blackberry is the result of a lovely blackberry, a deep shade with some reddish touches that give brown hair a vibe. If you have already tired of caramel and blonde, this tint will give texture to your hair, explained Sophia Avera, artist of L’Oreal Professionnel.

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This tint reminds us of violet ashes and deep wines, very modern and you don’t need an exaggerated decoration, especially if you go along the lines of the dark ones.

Without a doubt, this idea comes to revolutionize everything, because we are used to seeing these fashionable shades only in winter.

However, the blackberry is very promising for this spring-summer, the most fun way to light up the hair, without going to a very strong clearing.

It is perfect for those who want to be daring but reserved at the same time, because they can use a sweep, in which the roots are free and the rest of the hair is bathed.

But why will the blackberry tone make me look younger? Well, the blackberry tips give life to the face when the sun hits the hair directly, it makes the features look more delicate and therefore the expression lines are softened.

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Not to mention that it does not require many chemicals to process it and the abuse is less.

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