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Hon&Guan Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Activated Charcoal for inline fan. Professional grade filter that will handle the nastiest odors produced by the prettiest plants. Not only does the Hon&Guan carbon filter have exceptional odor control, but it is a filter that keeps on giving. After the first year of usage, remove the top flange and the bottom mount, flip the filter unit upside-down and re-mount the flange and the bottom mount in the new position and enjoy another year of odor-scrubbing performance.

Hon&Guan Carbon Filter iron cap’s surface is manufactured with high quality and durable chromium for corrosion prevention and lasting effects. Reversible flange for extended service life. Up to 1.5 years in life expectancy.

Exceptional Odor Control
Hon&Guan filter will not only soak up and eliminate some of the most undesirable to keep your space smelling clean and fresh, but also eliminate additional harmful and potentially ill-fating chemicals from the air you breathe.

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Reversible Flange and Base
The flange and bottom can be removed to reverse the charcoal canister, allowing the filter body to be flipped upside-down for an extended service life.

Pre-Filter Included
Keep your place clean while bring you cleaner air.

53% Open Area For Air Flow
Inner and outer mesh with 53% open area allows for increased air flow.

High Quality Zinc Treatment
anode zinc oxide/reticular structure is not subjected to any chemical corrosion and is widely used in various fields, especially for indoor planting tents.

Air Scrubber: Galvanized Steel material more durable than aluminum, is not subjected to any chemical corrosion, lasts long from plants germination, growing, flowering and harvest. Includes washable pre-filter, easily mounted.
Reversible Smell Filtration: The charcoal air filter can be used as both Intake Filter and Exhaust Filter. After a period of time use as an intake filter, go on using it as an exhaust filter. Moving air, purifying air and filtering air.
Odor Control: Designed for enclosed environment. Our filter will soak up and eliminate some of the most undesirable and ill-smelling odors. Keep your place clean while bring you cleaner air to promote better health especially for indoor gardens, grow tents, hydroponics, odor and smoke elimination.
Fresh Air Combo: The 4in carbon filter matches with 4 inch inline fans, duct fans, intake fans, exhaust fans, air exchange fans, ventilation duct, air ducts, paint fumes hose, vent duct hoses, fan speed controller and other ventilation system accessories.

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