Carrot mask to quickly rejuvenate

We come to the end of our series of home remedies to quickly rejuvenate and to close with a flourish, we want to tell you about a great beauty tip: the carrot mask to quickly rejuvenate.

As we have mentioned, the aging It is inevitable and therefore, it does not have much expense to waste time and money on expensive treatments. It is best to have a routine of beauty healthy, with adequate food, hydration and good rest, therefore Natural medicine as the carrot mask they will be your best allies.

He aging is the wear of our skin, the result of the passing of the years, of exposing it to contamination and the result of our habits. If what interests you is to keep your beauty like in your best years and avoid the expiration date, you can delay all the signals like wrinkles, expression lines and more with this mask.

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By itself, the carrot it’s wonderful for him skin care thanks to its high levels of vitamin A, so it works as a great antioxidant that fights radicals that accelerate the process of aging.

The carrot It also has vitamin E, which gives the skin a radiant and healthy appearance, combats blemishes, scars, hydrates and favors the production of collagen, which not only regenerates but also provides firmness.

Combine it with ingredients such as yogurt and lemon, which also have great properties for skin will give great results.

Carrot mask to quickly rejuvenate.

How to prepare the carrot mask to rejuvenate quickly?

To enjoy the benefits of this carrot mask you will simply need a few minutes before sleeping to prepare, apply and remove it. This is the recipe you must follow:


  • 2 carrots, shelled
  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • The juice of half a lemon


The only thing you should do is liquefy all the ingredients to integrate them well, remember that the carrot goes raw because that is when it has most of its nutrients intact. Now apply the carrot mask on your clean face and let it act for fifteen minutes, you must do it before sleeping.

To remove the carrot mask use warm water and seal the effect of the mask with your daily use moisturizer. You must use this homemade mask twice a week, three if your skin tends to dry out easily, because to eliminate wrinkles Proper hydration is key, so that it can regenerate your skin.

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