Friday, September 25, 2020
What is artificial intelligence?

Do you know what artificial intelligence really is? We explain it to you

Is it possible that a robot rebellion occurs or two computers fall in love? Artificial intelligence (AI) raises a series of quirky questions, but in the real world, it involves...
mark zuckerberg

Self-boycotts: Facebook again shares data with third parties

It rains on Mark Zuckerberg these days, as in addition to the commercial boycott Facebook is undergoing, now added a University of Iowa investigation that unraveled the way developers are sharing...

personalize your mobile with your own designs

Samsung presents in South Korea, with the Galaxy Z Flip, its new customization service "Custom Skin" so you can give your most personal touch to your new mobile. It does not escape...

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and by far

What is the best browser to use on a computer? Like almost everything in life, There are many alternatives and it all depends on what we are looking for. ...
Cell phone with Spotify logo on its screen |  How much does Spotify Premium cost?

How much does Spotify Premium cost and what do you get in return

With millions of songs available on Spotify, there was never a better time to join this music streaming service. Best of all, knowing how much Spotify Premium costs is very...

Automatic nap detection finally arrives

The most 'premium' models in the Amazfit catalog are updated with automatic nap detection and sleep monitoring even for short periods of time during the day. I don't know anyone who's tried...
They demand the "urgent" regulation of video games like FIFA

They demand the “urgent” regulation of video games like FIFA

The upper house of the British Parliament demanded the "urgent" regulation of titles like FIFA, whose Ultimate Team modality could be classified as a game of chance. "If a product looks like...

Google’s mobile would have been exhausted forever

One of the mobiles that we liked the most during the past 2019 is about to disappear from stores. He Google Pixel 3a, which we discussed some time ago, is one of...
An iPhone SE 2020

Meet the best small phones on the market

It is no mystery to anyone that cell phones with large screens have set the trend for manufacturers in recent years: the Pixel 4 XL, Galaxy Note 10 Plus or iPhone...

what it is and how it works

MIUI 12 includes a new reading mode on Xiaomi phones: discover how it works. With MIUI 12 already on the way to the first devices globally, Xiaomi continues to introduce news in...