In Spain, users think we spend less than what we spent last time.

For a few years we have been seeing how good smartphones have become democratized, and now you do not have to pay 700 euros for a minimum of quality and good performance as it happened a few years ago, but for a much more humble price, you can have a good terminal. Even a high-end from last year.

And it seems that this has made, at least in our country, users think about spend a little less money on our next terminal, and according to a study, more than half of Spaniards plan to spend less money on the purchase of their next mobile, and it is quite striking.

Back of the Galaxy A10 Lite

The Snapdragon 855 of the S10 Lite makes the difference

We Spaniards plan to spend less on our next mobile

Many users already have internalized the fact that at this point, For 200 euros we can buy a more than decent mobile phone with which all users can have a good experience, enough even for high-end users, at least temporarily. And this is excellent news for everyone.

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The prestigious consulting firm Counterpoint has carried out a study on the intention of spending on a smartphone in different countries, including India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and in our country, the predominant intention is to spend less money than we spent the last time we bought a mobile phone, a trend that is reversed in other countries such as France or Germany.

And this, according to Pavel Naiya, the study’s lead analyst, may be because the coronavirus outbreak has affected the money that the Spanish want to spend, since together with Italy, we are the only ones who are going to reduce our spending on our next smartphone by more than 20%.

Bottom of the realme X30 SuperZoom

Realme is another clear example that you don’t need to spend 1,000 euros to have a high-end

Spain is a country in which this coronavirus crisis is expected to greatly affect the economy due to its great outsourcing, and this It can also be a determining factor for many users to decide to spend a little less. on your new device from what you have spent in these past years.

“The coronavirus outbreak and the uncertainty of future earnings has affected consumer behavior, and many of them strictly limit purchases to the essentials. Smartphone consumers in Spain and Italy are the most affected. Consumers intending to cut their future smartphone purchase budget by 20% or more are the highest in Spain (27%) and Italy (25%), followed by the United States (24%). Looking at the current circumstances, we expect this trend to continue until mid-2021. ”

All this comes at a time when Xiaomi is the best-selling brand in Spain, and this is already an indication that the majority of users in our country look for a good value for money when buying their mobile, so it is not surprising at all that the results in Spain tend towards saving instead of towards greater investment.

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