Children don't need things, they need your time

Children don’t need things, they need your time. In that quest to always give your children the best you can miss the most important thing that is dedicating quality time.

Often the parents They confuse family weekends with quality time, but the reality is that the little ones need much more than that, they need to know that when they need support they can look for you.

It is important that your children know that they can come with you when they have a problem, that they dare to tell you when something goes wrong at school, and that is achieved by having constant communication with them.

Talk to your children about how they did in school, help them with homework, dedicate part of your day to play with them, check what are your favorite games and programs. He needs your company to feel loved.

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A child who grows up with the assurance that his parents support him at all times will be able to function better socially.Feeling loved and accepted nourishes our self-love and helps us to be our best version.

Stop worrying about your next gift and find a way to spend more time with him, they don’t need more toys, what they need is your hugs and love.



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