Chinese brands expand their businesses and are betting on television. Xiaomi, realme or OnePlus begin to threaten the throne of LG, Samsung or Sony.

We have always said that if you want a good phone with a great value for money, must go to Chinese brands. And there is no doubt that for example Xiaomi or realme are one of the best options when looking for a cheap phone. However, they are not the only ones because although they are not exactly cheap, OnePlus phones are today the most powerful phones on the market.

But all these brands, in addition to having their country of origin in common, also have another aspect in common: have gotten tired of the smartphone market. No, obviously they are not going to abandon this sector that has given them so many benefits and that has made them grow so much, but it is true that all these brands are expanding their horizons with the aim of having an ever broader catalog of products. And the most curious thing is that they have all gotten fully into the television market, because if Samsung and Sony have worked, why not them?

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Increasingly more offer on televisions: Chinese brands attack

Xiaomi Mi TV Prime Video

Xiaomi TVs are a clear example of what is to come to every home

Before Chinese brands became popular, buying a smartphone was summarized in two aspects: or spend good money on a high-end or buy cheap junk. Chinese brands managed to buy a cheap phone was not throwing money and it is just that we see that today we have great options for 200 euros or less.

And something similar is happening with televisions. Because if brands like Sony, LG or Samsung dominate this market, to this day they are emerging tough competitors from the Chinese country. Because indeed, the “Made in China” has also reached television.

So we can read it in the Asian medium ITHome and it is that thanks to the Internet, Chinese brands can sell their products more easily in western countries. A clear example is televisions and if we put the focus on Xiaomi, the Chinese brand has a global market share of 7%. And be careful, because it is nothing more than the beginning.

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Realme, a company that is growing more and more every day, is also encouraged by televisions as well as OnePlus, one of the brands that we like the most on Android. Of course we can not forget the Chinese brand par excellence HuaweiAlthough it is not experiencing its best moments in the western market with its phones, it is still one of the largest technology companies in the world.

And is not for less. Let’s take a Xiaomi television, the 55-inch Mi TV 4S that we could analyze on TechVote. A smart TV, 4K quality, IPS panel, Android TV and even Chromecast integrated. All this for just about 450 euros. A true bargain?

Long-standing television brands such as Sony, LG or Samsung have tough rivals. Although until now they were kings, We do not doubt that in more and more homes we will see televisions of Chinese brands, especially if they offer so much for so little money. And note that this is good for consumers. The more competition there is in the market, the better for all of us.

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