Chris Hemsworth reappears in networks doing the competition to Chris Evans, sleeping with his puppy

Chris Hemsworth reappears in networks doing the competition to Chris Evans, sleeping with his puppy and it is the most adorable thing you will see today, because we do not know who is more handsome of the two.

For a long time Chris Hemsworth and his wife, the beautiful Elsa Pataky have shown how much enjoy nature and animals, a love that they have even instilled in their children and constantly show in social networks.

During the Australian fires, Chris Hemsworth and her family were some of the celebrities who donated the most money to the cause, and continue to do so, seeking to reestablish the local flora and fauna that was affected.

Although we are used to seeing Chris Hemsworth As a very dedicated father and expert on action tapes, showing off charm and muscle, today he brings into play the title of Chris Evans As the most charming and honestly avenger, we don’t know who to go to, who would say that behind so much rudeness there would be a heart of gold?

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Chris Hemsworth balconeado by his wife with the most tender member of his family

It was recently when Elsa Pataky He shared a tender image which he titled “Siesta en familia”, where he could see Chris Hemsworth sleeping peacefully next to the family puppy, a small and extremely hairy one.

Chris Hemsworth has already posed with several animals on social networks like Instagram, but in this case, he reminded us of his great friend, Chris Evans and his great furry friend “Dodger” from whom this quarantine has been simply inseparable and even ruined his fur trying to make a cut, the important thing is that he has already grown.

While Chris Hemsworth prepares to resume his professional commitments, being one of the closest the recording of the third installment of “Thor” next to the beautiful Natalie Portman, We will continue to enjoy your family time through rsocial edes and of course, his heavy exercise routines.

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