Cinnamon gel to grow hair: easy recipe

One of the essential ingredients of all kitchens, is undoubtedly the cinnamon. But, this fragrant spice, not only serves to give an exquisite flavor to your desserts and other foods, but it is also a great aid to lose weight, contribute to good health and beauty. On this occasion, we will teach you how to prepare a easy recipe of cinnamon gel to grow hair.

And it is that, thanks to its wonderful properties, cinnamon is capable of stimulate hair growth in a more accelerated way, and naturally, without resorting to expensive and aggressive treatments for your hair.

Cinnamon gel to grow hair

In addition, among its properties, it is found that Avoid hair loss, And, as we already mentioned, it helps it to grow faster, it gives it shine, it prevents it from breaking and falling, it thoroughly cleans hair follicles, and lightens hair. It also provides great nutrients to keep it beautiful, such as Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorus.

  • Ingredients

-2 cups of water

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-One tablespoon of cornstarch

-One tablespoon of liquid coconut oil

-A tablespoon of cinnamon powder

-Container with lid

  • Preparation

In a deep container, pour the water and add the tablespoon of cornstarch, stirring vigorously, until it is well integrated and there are no lumps. Subsequently, heat the mixture, until you have a thick mixture. Add the cinnamon and stir for a minute. Subsequently, add the coconut oil and mix it very well, and finally, let the mixture cool.

Once it cools down, store the mixture in a covered container, and use the cinnamon gel all over the scalp three times a week. Apply it with a light massage for 5 minutes, and then cover your mane with a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Wash your hair very well and remove the residue.

In less than two weeks, you will notice the difference, and you will see that your hair grows faster than usual, in addition that you will enjoy a beautiful shiny, manageable and silky mane.

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Cinnamon gel to grow hair: easy recipe. PHOTO: PEXELS

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