Coconut oil: The recipe to restore shine to your hair

Coconut oil: The recipe to restore shine to your hair. If what you want is for your hair to look more beautiful than ever, pay attention to this note, we explain a home remedy that will fascinate you.

Washing, brushing, coloring and styling your hair can damage its structure, leaving it more prone to breakage, site health experts explain. HealthlineToday we want to remedy that damage caused to your mane.

In a study where various oils for the hair care, coconut oil ranked first in all of his studies and reduced protein loss in hair that was not damaged, bleached, chemically treated, and exposed to UV rays.

For the above and in search of taking care of your economy we took on the task of investigating a home remedy that can help you have wrist hair, pay attention to the following points.

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Comb your hair every night by adding a few drops of coconut oil and vitamin E to your mane to show off enviable hair the next day. Your friends will want to know your secret.

Apply from roots to ends for best results, you will fall in love with your mane and coconut oil It will not be missing in your home.

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