Confirmed: Men stress women more than children

Being a mother and a wife is not an easy task. However, it is an admirable job that requires a lot of time and dedication. Women who are mother, wife and professional tend to suffer high levels of stress because of the multiple tasks they have to do in different places, being the main reason for their stress; the men.

In accordance with a study from Today, 46 percent of wives say that their children generate less pressure than their husbands. The main reason for this thought is that married women claim that their husbands behave like children despite being adult men over 35 years of age.

Confirmed: Men stress women more than children. Unsplash

“The children’s parents are more like big kids than partners and husbands.” As we have seen in several cases, parents are the ones who get along best with children, unlike mothers, who play a role in parenting like “the bad news”.

Today Moms surveyed more than 7,000 mothers in the United States, where it is revealed that the level of stress women experience of home It is an average of 8.5 out of 10. This means that much of the work falls on women, while men maintain an indifference in household responsibilities and The education of children.

How to avoid that the wives feel less stress because of the men?

A marriage is not easyEven in the best marriages there are always problems. However, teamwork for housework and parenting would be of great help to the life partners that couples have chosen to be with. To improve the lifestyle of a family it is necessary to act together and agree on permits and punishments for children.

Confirmed: Men stress women more than children. Unsplash

As we already mentioned, women multitask During marriage and one of the main factors that directly affect her mental and emotional health is the lack of free time for her. The first step to a healthy coexistence and a happy marriage begins with empathy by men and provide a space for women who do superhuman tasks and responsibilities.

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