Confirmed: Women with dogs are healthier and happier

Confirmed: Women with dogs are healthier and happier. If you wanted a sign that it’s time to have a dog At home or you already have one and you did not understand its magic in your life, you came to the right place, the best thing is that science supports us.

It has long been said that the dog He is the best friend of the human being, he is a faithful, noble being, always pending of you and he will love you more than himself. Not only does it bring company, but a lot of love, fun and more.

If you thought it was just love, think again, well various studies have confirmed the benefits of having a canine friend and really, you will be amazed at how much they help your Health both physically and mentally.

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It does not matter that dog Whether it is large, small, long-haired, short or curly-haired, it is a dog of your choice and of course, you can give it the best quality of life possible, take care of its health and well-being in every way.

So now that you’re a responsible owner, what’s next? Much!

Studies on the benefits of owning a dog

Having the company of a dog It helps both men and women, because as children, we can learn to love these beings who show us so much of the world and who give us love to full legs.

To begin with, dogs They help us to have a healthier heart and, in themselves, promote our cardiovascular health. This was demonstrated by a study by Kardiovize Brno where people with a dog at home had lower risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide.

This is because those who have dogs at home they have more physical activity, they eat better and with it, they maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood in their majority. Also, another study revealed that those who take their dog for a walk can frequently lose up to six kilos of weight a year.

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Confirmed: Women with dogs are healthier and happier. Pexels

Harvard University also demonstrated that those who have dogs had lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels thanks to their constant activity.

Another benefit of having dogs is that will boost your immune system, particularly if you have had dogs since childhood Because of their fur, they help children develop fewer allergies throughout their lives. This can occur from pregnancy with women who have dogs at home and constant contact.

Children not only have fewer allergies, they are also less likely to develop asthma or obesity, including eczema, a skin disease.

Social development? That is another benefit, because a study from the University of Utah revealed that dogs helped their owners to meet new friends and build social support networks, they can even help create healthy neighborhoods, who would say?

Confirmed: Women with dogs are healthier and happier. Pexels

Also, Edinburgh University School of Medicine revealed that having a dog in the family helped the human being to develop empathy and compassion, in itself, they help us and teach us to be better human beings.

Seniors also benefit, since a study by the American Psychological Association confirmed that grandparents with dogs or dogs, make fewer visits to the doctor because that company helps them stress less.

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