Create music with acoustic waves from the stars

For the first time it has been possible to unite astronomy and music in a different way, since experts have created a song composed exclusively of acoustic waves from the stars.

According to Futurism, the entire melody was composed by Brian Eno, a well-known composer and music producer from the United Kingdom who commented that the work is a perfect “ambient music”.

Eno and company created the music taking all the sound waves coming from infrasound and that astronomers have managed to capture thanks to current modern equipment.

The stars usually send small frequencies that travel through space and that thanks to special equipment can be captured and then accelerate them and make them audible so that the human ear can hear them.

Create music with acoustic waves from the stars

The resulting track has been called “Starsounds”, which manages to reproduce the sound of the stars as if it were an ordinary song.

This project belongs to a recent activity related to the Starmus Festival, which is an annual event created by the guitarist of the legendary band Queen Brian May, who is also an astrophysicist.

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The guitarist has worked together with Garik Israelian, astronomer expert in cosmology with whom they have created the event to unite space science with art.

Regarding sound waves, these have been captured during the last 20 years, most of them being a compilation of a massive library that has existed since 2005.

Since 2011, Starmus has inspired various projects of this type, the latter being one of the most important since, according to Eno, a hypnotic piece has been created with complex harmonies and fascinating visual effects where we can already hear the stars as if were music ”.

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