Cucumber and mint juice to grow hair

Cucumber and mint juice to grow hair. If you like to nourish your body and take advantage of the ingredients you consume to that your hair is much more beautiful and does not take years to grow, we have the ideal recipe for you.

There are many factors why hair does not grow as fast as we would like, some of them have to do with genetics and others with the diet we eat, so drinking natural juices It can be very helpful for you to fulfill your mission and strengthen your hair.

In addition, they say that to be beautiful on the outside you have to be beautiful on the inside, so finding a balance between the beauty products that we apply to our heads and the nutrients that we consume through food can be the secret to growing hair and keeping it cute.

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Among the benefits that we find in the delicious cucumber are the high content of vitamin A, which favors hair growth and also maintains more beautiful skin, helps vision and the proper functioning of the immune system.

That is why today we will show you a super simple recipe for you to prepare a fruit juice with this fruit and a little mint, with which you will promote hair growth from the inside and that also tastes very rich, you can drink it daily, if you so choose. you prefer.

To prepare it you only need 1 medium and seedless cucumber, 1 tablespoon of mint and ½ glass of mineral water. Then you just have to liquefy all the ingredients and drink it on an empty stomach, you can also add an ice, to make it more refreshing.

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