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Buy with confidence from Refresh and refresh your water today! 

Up to 50% less than comparable manufactuer part! 

TESTED & CERTIFIED to NSF/ANSI 42 standards.
Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odor. Doesn’t remove beneficial minerals that support overall health.
Fast Flow filter meets or exceeds OEM filter specifications. Capacity: 300 gallons

Compatible with the following Whirlpool fridge filters WHKFR-PLUS, WHKF-R-PLUS, WHCF-IMTOS, WHCF-IMPLUS, WHKFR Plus WHCF-R-Plus 56932, W1085590. Also fits for these Bosch models: 640565, AP3961137, 1257074, 56932, 2168701, 70020002518, W1085590, EVOLFLTR10 , EVOLFLTION500 SERIES, B20CS5, B20CS50SN, EVOLFLTION800 SERIES, B20CS8, B20CS80SN.

Also compatible with: Water Sentinel WSB-1, WSQ-1, Supco Wf297, Tier1 RWF1100, OnePurify RFC1800A, Icepure RWF2700A, Gold Series GS-BQ1, EXCLEPURE EP-CS52, Swift Green Filters SGF-BO52, Denali Pure WF-640565, FiltersFast FF21230 , EFF-6026A, Filter-Monster FM-BO52-S

Also fits for these models:3FA7786A/05, 3FA7786A/06, 3FA7786A/07, B20CS50SNB/01, B20CS50SNB/02, B20CS50SNI/01, B20CS50SNI/02, B20CS50SNS/01, B20CS50SNS/02, B20CS50SNW/01, B20CS50SNW/02, B20CS51SNB/01, B20CS51SNB/02, B20CS51SNI/01, B20CS51SNI/02, B20CS51SNS/01, B20CS51SNS/02, B20CS51SNW/01, B20CS51SNW/02, B20CS80SNB/01, B20CS80SNB/02, B20CS80SNS/01, B20CS80SNS/02, B20CS80SNW/01, B20CS80SNW/02, B20CS81SNB/01, B20CS81SNB/02, B20CS81SNS/01, B20CS81SNS/02, B20CS81SNW/01, B20CS81SNW/02, K3940X6/02, K3940X6/03, K3940X6GB/02, K3940X6GB/03, K3940X6GB/04, K3940X6GB/05, K3940X6GB/06, K3940X6GB/07, K3950X6GB/05, K3950X6GB/06, K3950X6GB/07, K3970X6/06, K3970X6/07, K3970X6/08, K3970X6NE/01, K3970X7/01, K3990X6/05, K3990X6/06, K3990X6/07, K3990X6GB/05, K3990X6GB/06

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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not satisfied let us know! No tools required for installation.

CONSISTENT FLOW RATE – This product features a high-quality activated carbon block for an even flow rate and great tasting water for the life of the filter.
COMPATIBLE WITH – BOSCH 640565, AP3961137, 1257074. INDESIT 8668597, C00094379, C00097913, D846181, 640565, AP3961137, 1257074, 56932, 2168701, 70020002518, W1085590, EVOLFLTR10 , B20CS5, 8FM-BO52-S, CS-52, CS-51, CS-450 , CS-451, CS-452, CS-512, CS-522, CS-532, CS-562, OCS CS-52, CS-51
ALSO FITS FOR – WHKFR-PLUS, WHKF-R-PLUS, WHCF-IMTOS, WHCF-IMPLUS, WHKFR Plus WHCF-R-Plus 56932, W1085590, 8668597, C00094379, C00097913, D846181, WSB-1, WSQ-1, Wf297, RWF1100, RFC1800A, RWF2700A, GS-BQ1, EP-CS52, SGF-BO52, WF-640565, FF21230, EFF-6026, 5553629, 55866-05, 5586605, 55866-06, 5586606
60-DAY SATISFACTION PROMISE – Refresh backs its products with a 60-day guarantee , so you can buy our products risk-free. PLEASE CONTACT US if you have any questions about compatibilty! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to be sure you are receiving the correct filter!

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