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Do you want to know the secret to buying and investing in a great location? Why do some of the wealthiest people live in older neighborhoods, even though some parts of those areas “have seen better days”. Professional city planner describes the history of cities and the pitfalls of buying homes in locations that could end up being places you dont want to be: Top 10 Questions a Real Estate Agent hopes you never ask: 1) Is This Property in a High-Crime Area? I served jury duty with a gentleman who has had his home broken into and burglarized so many times that he has lost count. He also happens to be in one of the wealthiest communities in that city. Dont be fooled into believing that high property values will protect you from crime. 2) Is This Property In the Glide Path (ILS Approach) of an Airport? Yours truly got caught by this one. I wanted a quiet place to live. What I got: a home located in the glide path of a small municipal airport, which is also one of the busiest airports in town. Why didn’t I notice planes you say? It’s got something to do with prevailing wind patterns. The two times I visited the property, the wind was blowing in such a direction that the planes were coming in on another approach. When the wind changed direction, they came in tail to nose all night long. Try to sleep through that. 3) Is This Property Near a Landfill? a Water Treatment Plant? A close relative of mine once rented property within smelling distance of a sewage treatment plant. When the wind blew her direction, the smell was atrocious. She didn’t stay there long, but the owner was stuck with a hard-to-rent property. Do you think he will tell you about the sewer plant when you come to look at his property? Want to see the remaining seven??

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