Dogs were caring for an autistic boy, who had been reported missing

Dogs were caring for an autistic boy, who had been reported missing. If you had your doubts about whether the dog was or notor man’s best friendWe have the peculiar story of a little boy who left his house and after hours of searching he was found under the care of these animals.

A minor of three years of name Marshall butler, disappeared from his home in the town of Ponce de León in Florida city, the little boy suffers from autism and his desperate parents, upon noticing his absence, reported it to the authorities.

Everything seems to indicate that Little Marshall Buttler left his home on his own and without his parents noticingUpon noticing his disappearance, the child’s parents contacted the authorities.

After several hours of searching for little Marshall, a neighbor reported seeing him accompanied by his own named dogs. “Nala” and “Buckwheat” approximately one kilometer away from the child’s home.

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When authorities found the little boy, was covered in mud and only had a diaper and was guarded by two dogs until the authorities located him, the Police chief He was very relieved since he assures that perhaps thanks to the dogs no one else could approach the little one.

The parents of the little one are relieved and appreciate that the story had a happy endingFor their part, the police had mobilized more than 25 patrols and had reported the disappearance of the little one so that the neighboring counties were alert, fortunately it did not get any bigger thanks to those two dogs.

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