Eugenio Derbez: his youngest daughter launches as a singer and is the most tender

Eugenio Derbez He has made it very clear that in addition to being a great actor, he is a very proud father of his children, who has encouraged them to make their career on their own as in the case of Aislinn Derbez and now from Vadhir Derbez, who recently released his video channel with a big surprise for his followers.

Because not only the talent of Eugenio’s older children has stood out, but now, his little daughter Aitana -year-old has shown that he also has a natural talent, not only for speaking in front of the camera, but also for music, duetting with his brother Vadhir Derbez.

Eugenio Derbez seeing the great talent of his little Aitana He did not hesitate to share the great work that Vadhir and his little sister did in making an acoustic cover of the song “Dance Monkey”, making followers on social networks of the family Derbez they melted with tenderness when they saw the little girl sing Aitana.

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Not only the talent for music of Aitana It was what caught the attention of followers on networks, but because of the great connection and pride that Vadhir feels for his little sister. In addition to her perfect pronunciation for English: “Perfect her Aitana English, when I sing in English I unintentionally invoke demons!” “The face of Vadhir when you look at Aitana It is the most beautiful thing in the world, he looks at her with such pride, they are so tender, many would like a little sister like that … “

Within hours of the video being posted on his new YouTube channel, Vadhir Derbez, His publication already has a little more than half a million views, thousands of comments and more than 100,000 likes. Which is not surprising, because the family Derbez is full of talent.

And there is no doubt that his talent for music, Aitana he inherited it from his mother Alessandra Rosaldo, Being a singer and songwriter, long before turning to acting, she worked for a long time in the musical field performing for soap operas and movies.

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