Eyelash care: Daily care for healthy eyelashes

The care of our eyelashes can be through different procedures and products of beauty. However, it is the habits and consistency to obtain and maintain the expected results. So they are recommended follow these beauty tips for long and strong lashes.

Do not abuse the mascara

Daily mascara use damages and weakens the growth of our eyelashes. Because most masks contain ingredients that do not allow our eyelashes to breathe and when they remove make-up they take eyelashes with them, leaving lumps that can cause allergies or diseases. Avoid the waterproof mask, they are the ones that damage your eyelashes the most.

Remove makeup

Properly removing make-up from eyelashes helps to avoid accidents with our eyelashes, for example with breakage and infections. It is important to use cotton and makeup remover to gently remove makeup from our eyes. A biphasic makeup remover contains an oil formula that better removes makeup and hydrates our lashes.

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Home remedies

Give more hydration to our eyelashes through home remedies like petroleum jelly or a few drops of castor or almond oil helps our eyelashes stay in good condition with a dose of hydration, leaving them softer. These remedies do not ensure a genetic change in your eyelashes but they are healthy.

Take care of food

Through certain foods that we can have at our disposal to prepare smoothies or smoothies for better nutrition of our eyelashes and skin are fruits, vegetables and protein, a balanced diet will help to have beautiful eyelashes. It is important to consume foods rich in biotin and collagen so that they stay strong.

Eyelash care: Daily care for healthy eyelashes. Pexels

Better extensions than false eyelashes

False eyelashes are the enemies of eyelash growth. Due to its application and the glue that is applied to put them, it makes our lashes suffocate and cannot grow. In addition to having the risk of being torn off when moving the false eyelashes.


The growth of eyelashes requires healthy habits that allow our eyelashes to have the necessary care. Part of having an impact look is geneticsThat is, if your lashes are naturally short, long, abundant or clear. However, with proper care there is no way that your eyelashes do not have the best natural version that can provide them.

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