Eyelash care: Olive oil for an expressive and flirty look

The olive oil, it is not only an excellent ally for cooking and for health, but it is the perfect remedy for eyelash care. For its multiple benefits, we will tell you how to use it for an expressive and flirty look.

It is very important for women to always look groomed and beautiful, but in a natural way. And is that, There is no way to highlight our natural beauty. and also, take care and stay healthy inside and out. This is the case of olive oil, that will make your lashes look magazine, without looking artificial.

Olive oil for eyelashes

The nutrients that olive oil provides for eyelashes are many, and one of the clearest objectives, is to keep them hydrated, in addition to making them grow naturally day by day.

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Age, and poor hygiene and carelessness can cause your eyelashes to gradually weaken and they fall, generating scarcity and giving a bad appearance to your gaze. For this reason, we recommend that you do not neglect them and give them the nutrition they lack, through oils such as castor, coconut, almond or olive.

Treatment with olive oil for long, thick eyelashes and healthy is to apply a little of this product during the nights, with the fingertips, always caressing them from the roots to the ends.

Do not remove the olive oil at that time, and let it sit overnight while you sleep, so that its nutrients penetrate the follicles and provide their benefits. You can also remove makeup with this oil, and the result will be better.

Eyelash care: Olive oil for an expressive and flirty look. PHOTO: PIXABAY

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