Foods that will help you reduce size and tone if you exercise

Dieting and exercise It is very important for lose weightHowever, when we do not include foods that can help us against flaccidity, the path to reach our goals is a little more complicated. So nutrition experts recommend that the best thing we can do to complement our diet Balanced is adding foods that are high in protein and low in fat to build muscle.


Avocado is one of the main ingredients that are allies both how to lose weight and for our beauty as home remedies or masks. Avocado is characterized and known for being a good source of fat that helps reduce bad ones like cholesterol, as well as helping to develop muscle tone.


Fish is the best protein of animal origin that they can eat at your table. Because it is a white meat, low in fat, it contains high caloric amounts that nourish your body. In addition to having supplements such as omega 3 that helps keep our muscles in shape.

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Chicken breast

This part of the chicken is carbohydrate-free and has high levels of protein that will burn fat and build muscle. Combine this ingredient with vegetables that can provide water and help better digestion for your body.


It is an ideal ingredient to satisfy hunger in our stomach. It is important to take care of the amounts, so that you do not gain weight, with one or two pieces a day is more than enough. Its main component is leucine, which is a natural amino acid that helps build muscle.

Greek yogurt

Another food that we can add to the list to build muscle and burn fat, because it contains probiotics that deflate the abdomen and improve digestion. Take care to consume it free of sugars and add red fruits instead to accelerate its action.

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