These 8 sheets of metal only cost 6.99 euros and can get you out of more than one trouble. Use them as you want.

Although today’s cars have many extras and accessories, such as the built-in GPS, We are not a few drivers who use the mobile phone with tools such as Google Maps or Waze, one of the best navigation apps that exists in the Google app store.

For this we only need a small hook on the dashboard of the car to place our mobile device. There are many hooks, some directly grip the device using a tweezers mechanism while others require magnets. And to hold the smartphone in the latter we need the product that we bring you below and which by the way, does not have a bad price.

Sheet metal for your mobile phone for only 6 euros

Metal sheets

8 metal sheets. No need to explain anything else

You never know when we are going to need some metal stickers for our smartphone. Either to hook it to the dashboard as the case described above or for any other that we can think of. It is a total of 8 sheets of metal (four round and four rectangular) that can be attached to the back of our smartphone thanks to the 3M adhesive.

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Just that, 8 sheets of metal. The use that is given to them will depend on each one of us. In my particular case I use them for the car and the truth is that no need to stick them to the back of the mobile. By putting them between the back of the device and the case they are perfectly attached so there is no need to use the glue.

Its price is only 6.99 euros on Amazon. The round ones measure 40mm x 40mm and the rectangular ones 45mm x 65mm. They are also very thin and are compatible with virtually any phone on the market regardless of size and design.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary based on stock and store demand.

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