A minimalist design wireless charger for less than 10 euros.

Now that the wireless charging It seems to have become a standard within the segment of high-end telephony, and that gradually begins to make its way through the mid-range, it is a good time to get ahead and get wireless chargers compatible with most mobiles that include this technology.

And today you have one fantastic opportunity to get a wireless charger 10W at a ridiculous price. It is the Lecone 10W model, with a minimalist design inspired by one of the most popular models of the Native Union brand – whose price amounts to 50 euros -, and for only 6.54 euros.

Wireless charger

A wireless charger with a minimalist design, for less than 10 euros

Take advantage of this discount and get a wireless charger at a ridiculous price

Like any other charger based on the Qi standard, Lecone’s It is compatible with practically all mobiles with wireless charging available in the market, including the latest iPhone, OnePlus 8 Pro, Galaxy S and Google Pixel. Thanks to its 10W power, it ensures a charging at maximum speed supported by some of the latest models.

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This charger stands out for its careful design, thanks to an upper part finished in fabric with a rubbery texture, which makes our device not slip while charging. In addition, the aluminum base gives it greater robustness.

The charger has a Integrated LED that will notify us of the status of the load. When it is green, we will know that the device is charging. Also, unlike other chargers, the light is so small that it will not bother us at bedtime even if the charger is on the nightstand.

Normally, the charger has a price of 9.99 euros, which makes it one of the best value for money models available on the market. However, for a limited time it is possible to obtain it at only 6.54 euros on Amazon.

The best alternative is on AliExpress

And if you live in any other country other than Spain and you cannot take advantage of this offer, AliExpress gives you the possibility to get another model of wireless charger with the same power, at a price of only $ 4.99. In this case, you can also choose between two different colors.

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